The apprenticeship levy and impact on corporate responsibility agendas

Thursday, May 26th, 2016 1:11 pm

With the advent of the apprenticeship levy, CR managers are starting to explore how they can harness this in a positive way. The levy does appear to address their most reported issues: low levels of social inclusion, employee learning and development, recruitment and retention and employee engagement. There is clearly a good case for investment in education, employability and enterprise. To engage with young people effectively, now is a good time to forge new partnerships with schools, harnessing young people’s interest before they reach 16 to effectively demonstrate your own working opportunities and those in your sector. The achievement gap starts early for young people and continues through a child’s education, so engaging with them from an early age will develop their aspirations. College partnerships for post 16 year olds would also help to address youth unemployment. Partnership  working with charities and other businesses would also open up volunteering opportunities for employees, enabling them to develop and share their own skills through mentoring.

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