The Access to work scheme for partially sighted Lauren

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 12:52 pm

Access to work:

The access to work scheme is a great scheme but it takes a fair amount of time to set up. When I received my job offer I made my initial claim. After this I was contacted 5 days later by a claims handler. From here an assessor visits you at work to see what support is required in the form of technology and travel. And also to assess if any adjustments need to be made to the work environment. My assessor visited me on my first day of work. It was decided that I needed:

  • Jaws (screen reader software)
  • A braille display (displays the text on screen one line at a time in braille)
  • Aa pearl OCR scanner (scans documents in to text only documents
  • A set of bone conducting headphones (so I can hear people in the office and my screen reader)
  • A splitter box so that I can have my phone and laptop coming through one set of headphones)
  • A braille labelling system
  • Scripting (when someone comes in and ensures that the screen reader works with all the systems that I use and makes any changes)
  • 3 days Jaws training

After this assessment the assessor has to go back and write a report on his/ her findings at the assessment. from here the report is sent to access to work and then a week later we are contacted with the go ahead to buy the equipment and claim the costs back.