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TrustCSR are currently re-branding and our new website will become live shortly.

TrustCSR specialisations

Community Investment and Sponsorship
We support the development of sponsorship and donations policies that align with your business objectives whilst also providing maximum value to your intended beneficiaries. Our team has a wealth of experience in conducting community needs assessment, initiating successful, measurable partnerships between businesses and not-for-profit organisations and managing grants programmes.

Employee Engagement
Working with the likes of EE
, National Grid and DHL, TrustCSR's expertise in matched giving, payroll giving, employee fundraising and volunteering is unrivalled (see Programme Management). Employee attitudes and behaviour can also become better aligned to your organisational objectives with the right initiatives in place. TrustCSR can help your organisation to improve its working culture, health and safety record and environmental performance using tried and tested programmes tailored to your business.

Foundation creation & management
TrustCSR manages day to day operations for more than 20 trusts and foundations, from the well established (such as The DHL UK Foundation) to more recently created organisations (such as The Belron Foundation - which is associated with Autoglass). We provide advice on the establishment of corporate foundations, their management and the development of their programmes, having done so for Credit Suisse, Airbus and Whitbread, amongst others.

Our expert advice, coupled with a unique outsourced management service (see Programme Management) make an attractive proposition for companies developing tax and cost-effective philanthropic programmes.